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Books I Recommend..

I have always loved reading even when I was a child. I feel there can be no joy compared to sitting in a nice comfortable chair with a mug of coffee and one of your favourite bestsellers.

Although I have been reading since quite sometime, its been these last two years when I became even more of a voracious reader.

I have always been captivated by Frederick Forsyth’s books. Like Arthur Hailey he also puts in a lot of research into his writing. ‘The day of the jackal’ by Frederick Forsyth is a masterpiece. A gripping book about an assasin, you can never anticipate what’s going to come next. Even ‘The Afghan’ by Forsyth is a must read. I think very few books come close to the amount of research Forsyth has done on the terror networks operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Other good books by the author include ‘The Odessa Files’, ‘The Veteran’, ‘The Avenger’, ‘ The Fist of God”.

Like Forsyth, Arthur Hailey also does a lot of research but likes to go into a lot of details. So I won’t call his books thrillers but most of them are really very entertaining. Arthur Hailey writing mostly focuses on a particular industry like automobile, medicine, aviation, etc and weaves his plot around it. Some of his bestsellers that I would recommend are ‘The Final Diagnosis’, ‘The Detective’, ‘Hotel’, ‘Airport’, ‘Hospital’, ‘Flight into Danger’.

If there is one author after Frederick Forsyth whose books I really love reading then it has to be Jeffrey Archer.
Jeffrey Archer’s books mostly focus on the times in ancient england. during the world war. Some of his notable books are ‘Kane and Abel’, ‘Shall we tell the president'(one of my personal favourites), ‘A prisoner of Birth’.

For those who want short stories they should read James Hadley Chase. Some of his books like
‘There is a hippie on the highway’, ‘As the cookie crumbles’ are real page turners.

For those interested in spirituality, I would recommend books by H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. ‘Wisdom for the new millenium’, ‘Bang on the door’ , ‘God loves fun’ are very good books for seekers on the path. But my personal favourite is ‘Stumbling into Infinity’ by Michael Fischman’ which describes his journey on the spiritual path.

These are certain books that I would recommend. If you’ll have any other recommendations do comment on this post and let me know. Happy Reading!!!


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