Be still!


Nowadays our lifestyle is very chaotic. We all are in a hurry to get things done, to achieve our goals, to get to work etc. Sometimes when you stand on a busy road in the morning seeing the rush of people hurrying to get to work, vehicles rushing across, you can’t but wonder that people have become so much like robots. The world appears so insane. Even when people are having a conversation most of them are hardly concentrating on what they are saying. It’s like as if the words are just spilling out.
In the ancient days in India people used to say only talk if you have to answer a question or if its very important. The idea was to consolidate the energy.
In the midst of all this chaos, all these thoughts, there is a voice inside you which says ‘Be Still’. A soft voice which is always there. The voice cannot be heard but can only be felt. Probably that is why God created night. After all the chaos during the daytime, all the chattering , all the running around, when you come back home this voice commands you to ‘Be Still’.
And the more you close your eyes and listen to this voice, the stillness starts growing inside you. And then you start feeling like things are just happening outside and you are not a participant but a spectator. Even though you are going through all the day to day activities, inside you are completely still. And the mind becomes razor Sharp.
That is when reality dawns on you.

Listen to the voice. Be Still.


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