Life is like a river

When I look at life and how fast it is going I cannot but think of life being like a river. Constantly flowing, never looking back. There are so many events in our life and sometimes we think that if only I could change certain things that happened in the past. That is when regret creeps in. And people who keep regreting start stagnating. Just like stagnant water. It becomes dirty, starts stinking, and it becomes a host to mosquitoes and other bacteria.
Similarly people who harbour constant regret become hosts to a lot of negative emotions. Most of us carry this thorn of ‘its not right ‘ constantly in our lives. How much can you control and correct! It’s like trying to rearrange the clouds in the sky.
We have to move on. There is no choice. Just like how water in a river is constantly flowing moving around the stones and other obstacles. It’s no use getting stuck in events. What has happened has happened. It’s finished. Move on or stagnate. Choice is yours.


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