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Fusion Confusion

A couple of months back I along with my cousin went to a South Indian fusion restaurant called Dosa plaza. They had a wide array of fusion dosas. We decided on a paneer chilli dosa and a schezwan noodles dosa for starters. Frankly i am not a great fan of fusion food but I decided to keep an open mind.

Our food arrived after a long wait. The paneer chilli dosa was very bland. Also the paneer had made the outer layer of the dosa very slimy. The sambhar and chutney very equally disappointing. Although I was very hungry the paneer chilly dosa had killed my appetite. Half heartedly I decided to try the schezwan noodles dosa, although from the look of my cousins face i knew i shouldn’t expect much. The noodles and the dosa were a complete disaster. Tasteless, too spicy, fusion gone totally wrong.

I am not against fusion but i am of the opinion that south Indian and Chinese are completely different cuisines and should not be mixed. Nowadays many so called udipi restaurants are serving what I call south Indian Chinese and making a mess of it completely. I would any day prefer our humble masala dosa or Rasam wada .

Many Restaurants like cafe madras, Idli house, Manis lunch home, cafe mysore in mumbai have retained their original menu . The set dosa, neer dosa, appams, idli butter podi in madras cafe are to die for. Thankfully they haven’t messed it up by fusing it with Chinese or any other cuisine and are doing extremely well.

My advice is keep certain things like south Indian food authentic. Don’t create a Fusion Confusion.



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