I am everywhere…. I am nowhere…

As I close my eyes a thought occurs to me. Where am I? Am I only in this body. As I watch my breath going in and out of my nostrils I realise I am in my breath.
The weather is cold today. I am wearing a shawl that is protecting me against the cold and giving warmth to my body. I can feel my whole body relaxing with this warmth. I realise I am in my whole body. Every cell of my body can be felt.
Outside my house faint sounds of vehicles, animals, people can be heard. The sound can be felt touching my eardrums. I realise I am in the sound too.
It is a full moon night today. The soothing moonlight is illuminating the earth giving me a pleasant feeling. I realise I am in the light too.
There is a wedding near my house. The feeling of happiness experienced by the people there can be sensed by me. I realise I am in each and every individual there.
Light years away from the earth a star is shining. From the star the earth can be seen like a small spec. I realise I am in the star too.
As I sleep the whole world blanks out. I no longer exist. In deep sleep my body doesn’t exist. I disappear.
I am everywhere. I am nowhere.



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