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‘Devi’ A tribute to the Divine Mother

India is the only country where the feminine aspect of the divine is worshipped. Devi Maa  – Divine Mother. I strongly believe that whenever my life went through a rough patch Maa was always there by my side comforting me. She has always been there whenever I needed her. Even though there had been times when I forgot her she never forgot me.
I live in a small town called Nashik. When I was a small child my parents along with my relatives always used to take me to a temple situated atop a mountain, a few hours drive from my house. It is believed that the idol manifested on the mountain on its own and a temple was built around it to worship the divine mother. There are about 500 steps leading to the temple atop the mountain.
As a small child I used to always be very excited whenever we used to visit the temple. As I entered college, life made me go through a very rough patch. Even during those difficult days she was there by my side and egged me on. Then she came into my life as a guru and taught me how to meditate.  Meditation bought me even more closer to her.
I am on my way to the temple with one of my friends. As we near the temple a feeling of ecstasy grips  me. Our car starts climbing the mountain and we can see the beauty of nature alongside. It is as if Mas has herself designed the whole surroundings. As we near the temple we can hear a faint sound of drums and mantras. We park our car near an ashram and begin our climb to the temple. As we go on climbing the steps we can feel the air becoming more and more cooler. People and houses below look like ants.
Finally I see her. One look at her eyes and you can feel your whole being filled with contentment. A feeling of warmth surges through me. All my doubts and insecurities completely vanish and I am filled with peace. Time stops. Mind stops.
It is night time. The whole forest below the mountain is enveloped in darkness. A faint light can be seen glowing in Maa’s temple atop the mountain. From the temple Maa surveys and looks after the whole world. A stream flowing nearby attracts a tiger for a drink. A yogi is meditating nearby completely oblivious to what is happening outside. Everything is completely still and silent but filled with ecstasy. Nature is dancing silently for these is no room for sorrow in Maa’s world. Time stops. Mind stops.



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