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Shhhh! Listen Carefully

Most of us in this world have become so busy with our day to day life , that we have forgotten to listen. Life is moving so fast. Especially in the urban areas we are so engrossed in our daily routine that by the time we come home we are ready to hit the sack and call it a day. Our idea of enjoying on the weekends is going to a restaurant or a pub or probably the movies. Life becomes shallow and a monotony.

This vast creation is so dynamic and full of entertainment. Sometimes listen to the sound of the rain falling or the waves at the beach splashing. The sound of the bird chirping, the wind blowing,the leaves rustling.Look at the mountains and the trees.They have been here since ages standing silently. Merge with this creation and become one. Merge with the sounds. Everything in this creation thrives in silence, the inner silence. Everything springs from silence and merges back into silence.

In certain parts of the world there is a yearly ritual where people have to go to a place away from the city, dig a grave and lie down in it for one whole day. The idea is to silence the mind and stop its constant hankering. For there is nothing better than the remembrance of death ,of our impermanence to stop our chattering mind. In India people go to burial grounds, smear themselves with ashes and meditate.

Life is so short, just a drop in the ocean. Listen to what it says. Listen carefully…


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