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The Mystics

This world is filled with many types of people. Businessmen, Artists, Authors, Foodies, working class, etc. God has created a lot of diversity. There are also the Mystics. Who are these Mystics? How does one identify a Mystic? There is no definite way. Sometimes these Mystics take the role of a Guru and come into your life. They have infinite powers but yet are very humble. They may seem to be involved in day to day life but yet have the power to remain completely unattached. They move through this world like a cloud, free of everything.

Like the yogis meditating in the forest and the mountains. A mere gaze from them has the power to transform a persons life. Sometimes their actions may seem very confusing but everything they do has great meaning attached to it. They have the power to see life completely from a different perspective, to be able to not see a reason behind every happening but yet understand that no happening in life is meaningless. This is very profound.

One thing which can give them away is their eyes, their gaze -unwavering, without even a trace of doubt. But yet as i said there is no way to identify them. Only a heart which is connected will understand.


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